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2023-2034 SEV Teams

Thanks to all of you for trying out for SEV! Here are the teams for the 2023-2024 season!

Tournament and Practice Schedule

We are working on registering for tournaments and finalizing a practice schedule for December and January. We will post both of these schedules as soon as we can. 

JVA Paperwork

If you have not completed the JVA Paperwork please use the link below to complete the paperwork. 

2nd SEV Payment

Many players did not leave their 2nd payment at the team tryouts. If you have not drop off 2nd payment, please send it to the following address as soon as possible. 


426 N. 7th Street

St. Peter, MN 56082

Uniforms and Fan Gear

Please use the links on Uniform and Fan Gear tab to order your uniform and any fan gear. The deadline to order is December 1st!

Club Fees

There are many fees involved with running a travel program including JVA registered coach, team and player fees, tournament and league fees, gym rental and equipment. Our fees have gone up $50 per player to account for inflation and an increase in tournament fees. 

We will have the same uniforms as the past few years so you will only need to order a uniform if you are new to SEV or need a different size. We will have uniforms sizes to try on at tryouts. 

12’s and under fee: $575 plus uniform cost ($110)

-If a players that is 12 and under makes a 13's or 14's team they are expected to pay the $750 as they will be going to more tournaments and will have more practice time. 

13's through 18's: $750 plus uniform cost ($110)

NEW For 2023-2024 Season

ELITE Teams: We are considering sending our elite SEV teams to a large tournament in Omaha or to a different large tournament. If your child makes an elite team and the team decides to go to a large tournament, the team will need to help pay for that tournament by paying the difference from what a smaller tournament would cost. 

For families with more than one player each additional player after the first will receive a $25 discount.

Payment Information

ALL FEES are due immediately following the team placement tryouts before players leave the gym or they will not be assigned to a team. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER PLAYERS LEAVE THE GYM AT TEAM PLACEMENT TRYOUTS. 

No refunds will be given unless the state shuts down the JO Volleyball Program which would result in prorated refunds. 

If needed a two installment payment plan is available. Only checks or cash will be accepted. The first payment is due before the initial club tryout.  A second check will be required at the team placement tryouts. The second check can be dated February 1, 2024  and will be cashed then.

Any checks returned due to Insufficient Funds will also be charged a $30 service fee.


JVA Players Forms

This year we would like to have all players complete the JVA PLayers forms online. 

Here is the JVA Link to complete the forms online.

We will also have a QR code at tryouts for players and families to complete the paperwork using a mobile device.  

SEV teammates that play on different teams love supporting each other!

SEV teammates cheering on their coach at Gustavus

Follow us on Facebook

Be sure to follow Southern Extreme Volleyball on Facebook. 

If changes are made on the website or if there are any announcements that is one of the ways we are able to communicate!

Southern Extreme Volleyball

It is the goal of Southern Extreme Volleyball to be one of the most competitive club programs in the Southern Minnesota Region. We strive to develop a reputation that will allow our players to compete at a higher  level and to continue successful academic and playing careers at colleges or universities.  Southern Extreme Volleyball is designed to foster growth and development of technical skills and leadership qualities associated with the game of volleyball. 

Dave Nixon- Director

Southern Extreme Volleyball

Phone: 507-382-5535